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Migraines and headaches

Clients who come to me with tension headaches or migraines have often been through the traditional treatments with no help other than prescriptions for various painkillers, which eventually stop working and only make the problem worse due to the many side effects.

The cause of the headache can be tension between the first cervical vertebrae and the skull, which can affect the entire cranial, muscular and skeletal systems. It can be caused by a fall, a blow, or can be hormonally induced.

Tension headaches

Tension headaches can cause stress-related symptoms such as the body being in constant tension. In addition to headaches, many clients experience pain in the neck, shoulder, jaw, throat, eyes and the cerebral membranes, back and lower back.


Migraines can be experienced as a very severe headache, usually on specific sides of the head. It comes as a severe attack, followed by flickering in the eyes, visual disturbances and nausea. In most cases, it is so severe that the client has to stay in bed with the curtains drawn. Suffering regular migraines is very stressful, and many people are forced to take large amounts of medication to cope with life.

Migraines can be related to:

  • Endocrine disruption
  • Endometriosis 

Men den egentlige årsag kan være svær at påpege.

Does craniosacral therapy and facial therapy relieve migraines and headaches?

Craniosacral therapy is a very gentle treatment that can be highly effective in treating migraines. It works by relieving the tension in the cranial joint by loosening the first cervical vertebrae, loosening all the neck muscles, balancing the bones and thereby improving blood circulation to and from the brain, relaxing the large brain membranes that separate the two hemispheres of the brain, and providing space and room in general. I use craniosacral therapy in combination with dynamic facial therapy. 

I have a lot of experience and have had great results with craniosacral therapy and dynamisk ansigsterapi for clients suffering from headaches and migraines. I can highly recommend this type of treatment, as it can help the client become medication-free and live a good life again.

The number of treatments depends on each case, but we usually start with 3-4 treatments at fortnightly intervals, after which many people come for treatment once every one or two months to keep the problem under control and avoid medication.

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