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Dynamic facial therapy

Dynamic facial therapy is a therapy that combines lymphatic drainage, connective tissue massage and facial zone therapy, using light touch to relax the muscles and connective tissue on the head, neck, neck and shoulder.

Dynamic facial therapy is a unique and very relaxing treatment that is really worth a try. It works by increasing blood flow to the skin cells for a skin that glows and looks more beautiful.    

Like other muscles in the body, facial muscles rely on being in balance, both physically and mentally. Some muscles are tense and stiff, while others are relaxed, depending on how our lives are and have been.

Dynamic facial therapy can be chosen as a single treatment, or part of a full programme consisting of 6 treatments over about 6-12 weeks, working on a specific part of the face each time.

The treatment starts with a review of the skin and underlying connective tissue and meridian pathways. This is followed by lymphatic drainage and deep connective tissue work that includes all 100 muscles on the face, scalp, neck, neck and shoulder.

During the treatments, the muscles will become more relaxed, elastic and lifted, resulting in a more vibrant and healthier facial expression.


Absence due stress

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