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Lumbar and back pain

Back and lower back pain is a major problem for many of my clients.

A balanced pelvis is very important for our entire posture and thus the central nervous system.

Problems in the SI joint (the joint where the hip joins the sacrum), a twisted or crooked pelvis and problems in the sacroiliac joint will at some point cause problems in the back, lower back or skull, and thus the central nervous system.

The problem can be caused by:

  • Labour and childbirth
  • A fall, push or impact
  • Forkert vrid
  • Misalignments in the body
  • Skewed pelvis
  • Scheuerman's syndrome
  • Scoliosis (crooked back) and more.
  • Relaxed abdominal and back muscles

With craniosacral therapy it is possible to help the body to realign itself and thus relieve suffering and pain. I can also help you with simple yoga exercises or a specific yoga programme to strengthen your lower back and spine.

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