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Din Krop in Aarhus offers treatments in craniosacral therapy, organ massage, dynamic facial therapy, formative embodiment and craniosacral therapy for children and newborns.

Some symptoms can be alleviated by several different therapies. 

See below or click on one of the treatments for more information. 

Kraniosakralterapi til børn - Din Krop - Aarhus

Craniosacral therapy for children

Children of all ages can benefit from CST, which can alleviate many issues and conditions. If your child has trouble settling down, sleeping or 'managing their temper', it could be a sign that their nervous system needs help regulating.

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Dynamic facial therapy

Dynamic facial therapy is also great if you suffer from stress, migraines & headaches, jaw tension, sinusitis, teeth grinding, poor bite function. Or if you just want to lift your face without surgery, dynamic facial therapy is the right treatment

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Formative Embodiment

We all tell stories about our lives and surroundings, and these stories shape our existence. By using formative embodiment, we can explore the patterns associated with our emotions and stories. Do we feel stuck in a life situation, a dilemma or with a tension in the body

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