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Formative Embodiment

We all tell stories about our lives and surroundings, and these stories shape our existence. By using formative embodiment, we can explore the patterns associated with our emotions and stories. If we feel stuck in a life situation, dilemma or tension in the body, formative embodiment can be an effective way to work deeper.

Formative embodiment can be combined with craniosacral therapy, but can also be a treatment in itself. A session will typically be based on a condition or problem area that you want to change - or simply want to explore or challenge. I can also suggest concepts that we can work with. You tell me about the topic or issue, and together we explore what bodily expression or form you associate with it. This will often give you deeper insight into what is at stake and can create space for change.

In formative embodiment, the narrative, and thus the conversation, plays a greater role than in craniosacral therapy. You get the opportunity to verbalise some of what's going on with you, but you help to define the topic and the depth of what you say. A full session is 50 minutes, but as formative embodiment can be quite an intense form of therapy, 10-15 minutes followed by craniosacral therapy is often a good start. We will decide how to divide the time along the way.

I am trained in formative embodiment by Jim Feil. If you want to get an introduction to his work and watch a demonstration session, please take a look at the video below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo4cHINwync

Jim Feil – Self-Signalling and Formative Embodiment