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I am always greeted with smiles, empathy and warmth

I have been receiving craniosacral therapy from Ditte for the past year, as I have a long-term concussion and, as a result, a lot of pain in my body and an overworked nervous system.

Ditte is incredibly competent and attentive, and her mere presence has a positive impact on my body. 

I am always greeted with a smile, empathy and warmth and feel a much greater sense of calm and well-being in both body and mind after treatment.

It seems like being a therapist is much more than a job for Ditte - I feel like she genuinely cares about my wellbeing.

I can therefore only highly recommend craniosacral therapy with Ditte.  

Line D. , 35 years old.

Anxiety in children and adolescents

Karl, aged 12, can sometimes struggle to cope with the challenges and expectations that modern life throws at him. His mind races and he finds it hard to calm down. Craniosacral therapy helps Karl's nervous system to calm down again. Karl enjoys having treatments with Ditte. He relaxes and lets go of his worries, allowing his body and mind to recharge and find a good balance. It often ends with a nap on the cosy, soft couch - but it still works! 

Karl V., 12 years old.
June 2023

Absence due stress

I have undergone counselling with Ditte in connection with a stress-related illness and found that the treatment really helped my body and mind to regain calm and discover resources and energy. It has helped me to become more clarified and to be able to be in the process that follows a sick leave of that nature. Ditte creates a really nice space for treatment - you are met with a warm presence that is contagious and you feel in safe and competent hands!


Kæbespændinger som gav hovedpine

Min kæbe gik af led, da jeg var 15 år, og de sidste 10 år har jeg som følge deraf døjet meget med hovedpine. For 1,5 år siden besluttede jeg at få behandlinger jævnligt (hver 4 uge) hos Ditte i håbet om, at min hovedpine ville mindskes. Det var et godt valg! Jeg har ikke daglig hovedpine mere. Den er stærkt reduceret, og det er en utrolig stor glæde for mig. Ditte er meget omsorgsfuld og god til at lytte. Jeg har lært af Ditte at lytte til min krop, fordi kroppen fortæller tit, hvad jeg skal være opmærksom på.

Josefine D., 39 år
Januar 2024

Ankle, knee and groin problems in children

My 12-year-old son Karl is a real football boy, but unfortunately he has been quite challenged with ankle and knee problems, which also occasionally cause pain in the groin. Craniosacral therapy with Ditte helps his body to calm down and rest so that the problem areas can recover more easily.

Karl V., 12 years old.
June 2023


I received craniosacral therapy with Ditte after a concussion. Ditte creates a safe and warm atmosphere and has a good sense of what is happening in the body. The treatment helped me calm my nervous system and my headaches gradually diminished.

Freya H.
February 2023

Neck tension

Again, again, again, again, I have been under Ditte's skilful hands and again, again, again, again, tension and blockages in my neck and shoulders are gone. I am so happy to have Ditte in my life when my body is in knots.

Dorthe A.
April 2023

Head trauma after bike crash

I fell off my bike and hit my face and body. After a few weeks I was very tense in my neck and eyes and had pain in my face. I have previously benefited from KST and I was recommended Ditte.

When I came for my first treatment, Ditte spent a lot of time listening and asking about my symptoms. The treatment was very powerful and liberating, both physically and mentally. After 4 treatments, the pain was noticeably reduced and the tension in my eyes was gone. I had a total of 6 treatments and now it's just a matter of maintenance every 2 months. I can feel how much my body benefits from Ditte's gentle and effective treatment.

I give Ditte my highest recommendation, especially when it comes to treating head trauma and its consequences.

Christina R.
October 2023

Akut stressbelastning

Jeg har regelmæssigt fået kraniosakral behandlinger hos Ditte i ca. 4 år. Jeg startede mit forløb i forbindelse med en akut stress belastningsreaktion og kraniosakral behandlingerne var en stor hjælp, i forhold til at finde tilbage til mental og fysisk ro og balance. Jeg blive altid mødt med forståelse og omsorg og har stadig stor glæde af behandlingerne, især som hjælp til at håndtere stressede perioder og menstruationssmerter. 

Rikke O.
December 2023