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Craniosacral therapy for newborns and infants

Craniosacral therapy can be recommended for children of all ages. Many children are born with a trauma that often occurs during labour. Childbirth is a violent process where the baby's head is pushed down the birth canal, changing the position of the bones. In the vast majority of cases, this change will fall into place immediately after birth. However, in a difficult labour or active labour, trauma can occur, often in the joint between the first cervical vertebra and the neck.

These traumas can be severe, affecting the child's brain, central nervous system and blood supply, which can cause major problems.

Craniosacral therapy treatment for children and newborns is important to start as soon as possible after birth. It is a very gentle and highly effective treatment as the child's body is very co-operative and receptive.

The touch is quite light and gentle, but is also generally very effective. 

Learn more about craniosacral therapy for children and newborns in the video below:

Craniosacral therapy for children and newborns.

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